Berea's Native Bagel makes fresh, New York Style bagels, bagel sandwiches, espresso, and more featuring ingredients from local suppliers.



Native Bagel Company is a bagel, coffee, and sandwich shop serving food in Berea, Kentucky.

We make our bagels daily, a lot like they do in New York, using an 18-hour fermentation process that draws out maximum flavor.  We also add a Kentucky touch, boiling the bagels in water with just a bit of sorghum syrup.

We work from our commercial kitchen and sell bagels, bagel sandwiches, espresso drinks, salads, and sweets  at our shop on 105 Boone St..

Our bagels and sandwiches are designed to be both authentic and accessible to local tastes, and our seasonal menu reflects Kentucky food culture as well as traditional bagel inspiration. We have carefully sourced our bagel and spread ingredients, and purchase from as many local suppliers and farmers as possible. 


Site photos by Justin Skeens